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Help - Catalogues and Health Well's cache

The information resources available through Health Well are drawn mostly from what is called the “grey literature” – material that is not usually available in peer-reviewed literature. However, Health Well does include summaries of research articles that are drawn from Open Access Journals, which account for around one-quarter of all peer-reviewed research articles.




A catalogue is a group of information resources of a particular type (e.g. interventions, data, policy and guidance). Our website has six structured catalogues that contain details about:

  • Contacts
  • Data
  • Interventions
  • Knowledge translation
  • Policy and guidance
  • Research and evaluation

These catalogues are compiled manually and updated regularly. 


Details, or “metadata”, about information sources and organisations working in the public health sector (not access to specific reports, datasets, etc produced by these organisations). The URL link would go directly to the homepage of the organisations website and not to a particular piece of their work


Contains details of sources of numerical data such as the All-Ireland Health and Wellbeing Data Set (AIHWDS), PHIS tables, the NINIS IfH database, ECHI, HFA-DB, and Key Performance Indicators sets.


Contains details of health interventions and intervention programmes; good practice; and health promotion initiatives – such as walking initiatives, healthy eating initiatives, physical activity initiatives, stop smoking initiatives, practical guides and information booklets. 

Knowledge Translation

Contains details of resources and tools to help to translate knowledge into real policy and practice (e.g. networking tools, health campaigns, advocacy websites, knowledge management documents and critical assessment tools).

Policy and Guidance

Contains details of policy, strategy, and guidance documents such as NICE guidance and service frameworks.

Research and Evaluation

Contains details of research and evaluation reports, but does not include peer-reviewed research journal articles.


A collection is a group of information resources (taken from Health Well’s Catalogues) that deal with a particular health topic. A resource can appear in more than one Collection if it deals with more than one health topic.

The Collections on our website are:

  • Obesity Collection
  • Fuel Poverty Collection
  • Health Impact Assessment Collection (Draft)
  • Cardiovascular Health Collection (Draft)

Health Well’s Cache

Health Well provides access to a large cache of other information resources drawn from 13 contributing health websites across the island and the Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO), which is also a Health Well contributor.

Most of these resources have not been assigned to a Catalogue but are available on Health Well. Details, or “metadata”, of these information resources are not always as complete as the details for resources in our Catalogues.

Updated: January 2011

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