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TRECVID: evaluating the effectiveness of information retrieval tasks on digital video

Institution: Association for Computing Machinery

TRECVID is an annual exercise which encourages research in information retrieval from digital video by providing a large video test collection, uniform scoring procedures, and a forum for organizations interested in comparing their results. TRECVID benchmarking covers both interactive and manual searching by end users, as well as the benchmarking of some supporting technologies including shot boundary detection, extraction of some semantic features, and the automatic segmentation of TV news broadcasts into non-overlapping news stories. TRECVID has a broad range of over 40 participating groups from across the world and as it is now (2004) in its 4th annual cycle it is opportune to stand back and look at the lessons we have learned from the cumulative activity. In this paper we shall present a brief and high-level overview of the TRECVID activity covering the data, the benchmarked tasks, the overall results obtained by groups to date and an overview of the approaches taken by selective groups in some tasks. While progress from one year to the next cannot be measured directly because of the changing nature of the video data we have been using, we shall present a summary of the lessons we have learned from TRECVID and include some pointers on what we feel are the most important of these lessons.



Suggested citation:

. () TRECVID: evaluating the effectiveness of information retrieval tasks on digital video [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 23rd October 2019].


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