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Profile of CAMHS service users in the East Midlands


Samantha Aderson

Subject Keywords: children, mental health, adolescents
Topic: Mental Health
Catalogue: Research and Evaluation
Type: Report
Region: United Kingdom

This section uses the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services mapping exercise set up in 2002, currently data is being collected for the 2005 exercise. This mapping is carried out on an annual basis collecting data on the specialist CAMH tier 2-4 services. Tier 1 is cover by professionals such as GPs and school nurses whereas tier 4 are highly specialised tertiary level services, tiers 2 and 3 cover the spectrum in between. The purpose of the mapping is to contribute towards the improvement of mental health services for children and adolescents by informing and supporting the implementation of the Children's Nation Service Framework.





Rights: © Public
Suggested citation:

Samantha Aderson. (2006) Profile of CAMHS service users in the East Midlands [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 27th June 2019].


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