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PHIS2013 H6. Discharges, Rates & Length of Stay for All Procedures 2005-2011


Information Unit, Department of Health

Subject Keywords: Procedures, Inpatient discharges, Daycase discharges, Average length of stay Bed days, Age-specific discharge rate
Catalogue: Data
Secondary Data Sources - Indicator Sets
Type: Table
Region: Republic of Ireland

The data reported in this table are derived from the HIPE (Hospital In-Patient Enquiry) data set, which records data on discharges from all publicly funded acute hospitals. Age-specific discharges, rates and length of stay by county, sex and principal procedure are presented.

This table covers the years from 2005 to 2011. Data are classified by procedure categories. The HIPE system includes a principal procedure and up to 19 secondary procedures. All recorded procedures are counted in this table. The procedure categories are based on the ICD-10-AM classification. From 1st January 2006 the HIPE system has been collecting data relating to patients admitted for dialysis in dedicated dialysis units. These episodes were previously excluded from HIPE.

This data is being collected in order to provide national data regarding the volume of patients receiving dialysis. The inclusion of this activity has resulted in a significant increase in ‘1100 – Procedures on Urinary System’ and ‘1102 – Haemodialysis’ in 2006 and subsequent years.

Also in 2006, the HIPE system was amended to facilitate improved coverage of radiotherapy activity. This has resulted in a significant increase in ‘1800 – Radiation Oncology Procedures’ and ‘1801 – Megavoltage Radiation Treatment’ in 2006 and subsequent years. Both the improved coverage of radiotherapy and the inclusion of dialysis activity have resulted in a substantial increase in ‘0- All Procedures’ in 2006 and subsequent years compared to 2005.

NOTES: 1. It should be noted that persons who are hospitalised several times during the course of the year are recorded in the statistics for each episode of hospitalisation. The data should not be used as a proxy for prevalence. It provides indicators of public hospital utilisation and should be interpreted in this context.

2. Discharges from private hospitals are not included.

3. Data relating to non-residents are included in this table.

4. For historical reasons a small number of non-acute hospitals are included in HIPE. This activity represents a small proportion of all activity in HIPE.



Rights: © Information Unit, Department of Health and Children
Suggested citation:

Information Unit, Department of Health. (2014) PHIS2013 H6. Discharges, Rates & Length of Stay for All Procedures 2005-2011 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 17th June 2019].


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