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PHIS2013 F3. Births: Perinatal data - 1999 to 2011


Information Unit, Department of Health

Subject Keywords: Fertility: National Perinatal Reporting System (NPRS)
Topic: Chronic Conditions
Catalogue: Data
Secondary Data Sources - Indicator Sets
Type: Table
Region: Republic of Ireland

Information on every birth in the Republic of Ireland is submitted to the NPRS by hospital administrative staff and all practicing independent midwives.

The information collected includes data on pregnancy outcomes (with particular reference to perinatal mortality and important aspects of Perinatal care), as well as descriptive social and biological characteristics of mother’s giving birth.

The time frame to which the information relates is from 22 weeks gestation to the first week of life. In accordance with WHO guidelines, live births weighing less than 500 grams are not included in the national statistics presented. ICD-10 came into effect for births from 1 January 2005 onwards. The CSO commenced using ICD-10 from 1 January 2007. The data cover the years from 1999 to 2011. 'Not Stated' or 'Not Known' values are not included in the calculation of percentages.




Rights: © Information Unit, Department of Health and Children
Suggested citation:

Information Unit, Department of Health. (2014) PHIS2013 F3. Births: Perinatal data - 1999 to 2011 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 18th March 2019].


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