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Ocular Microtremor Laser Speckle Metrology


Al-Kalbani, Mohammed; Mihaylova, Emilia; Collins, Niamh; Coakley, David; Boyle, Gerard; Toal, Vincent;

Institution: Dublin Institute of Technology
Subject Keywords: Ocular Microtremor; biospeckle and speckle correlation; Optics;

Ocular Microtremor (OMT) is a continual, high frequency physiological tremor of the eye present in all subjects even when the eye is apparently at rest. OMT causes a peak to peak displacement of around 150nm-2500nm with a broadband frequency spectrum between 30Hz to 120Hz; with a peak at about 83Hz. OMT carries useful clinical information on depth of consciousness and on some neurological disorders. Nearly all quantitative clinical investigations have been based on OMT measurements using an eye contacting piezoelectric probe which has low clinical acceptability. Laser speckle metrology is a candidate for a high resolution, non-contacting, compact, portable OMT measurement technique. However, tear flow and biospeckle might be expected to interfere with the displacement information carried by the speckle. The paper investigates the properties of the scattered speckle of laser light (λ = 632.8nm) from the eye sclera to assess the feasibility of using speckle techniques to measure OMT such as the speckle correlation. The investigation is carried using a high speed CMOS video camera adequate to capture the high frequency of the tremor. The investigation is supported by studies using an eye movement simulator (a bovine sclera driven by piezoelectric bimorphs). The speckle contrast and the frame to frame spatiotemporal variations are analyzed to determine if the OMT characteristics are detectable within speckle changes induced by the biospeckle or other movements.



Suggested citation:

Al-Kalbani, Mohammed; Mihaylova, Emilia; Collins, Niamh; Coakley, David; Boyle, Gerard; Toal, Vincent; . () Ocular Microtremor Laser Speckle Metrology [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 15th October 2019].


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