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Obesity and stature in adolescence and earnings in young adulthood


Sargent, J.D., Blanchflower, D.G.

Subject Keywords: A qualitative research paper examining the association between obesity, stature at various ages and earnings in young men and women.
Topic: Obesity
Type: Report
Region: United Kingdom

The effect of obesity on earnings was estimated by constructing a series of ordinary least-squares regression equations in which the dependent variable was the natural logarithm of hourly earnings at age 23 years. report the coefficients for obese subjects compared with those for the nonobese subjects and for height while controlling for a number of other factors that are known to affect pay. A birth cohort of 12 537 respondents at age 23 years from the National Child Development Study, which consists of all children born in England, Scotland, and Wales between March 3 and 9, 1958 participated in the study. This study demonstrates an inverse relationship between obesity at 16 years and earnings at age 23 years for British women; the magnitude of the relation is similar to that of other factors that predict earnings, such as gender, job training, and union membership. In the case of men, a positive relationship was found between height and subsequent earnings but no obesity effects.



Rights: © The authors
Suggested citation:

Sargent, J.D., Blanchflower, D.G.. (1994) Obesity and stature in adolescence and earnings in young adulthood [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 16th September 2019].


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