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National Service Plan 2019


Health Service Executive (HSE)

Subject Keywords: Healthcare, Child Health, Children's Hospital, Mental Health, Cancer, Vaccination, Primary Care
Type: Report
Region: Republic of Ireland

The HSE published its National Service Plan 2019, following approval from Government.  In the plan, the HSE confirms the level and type of health and social services to be delivered next year within the allocated budget of €16.05bn.  

The €16,050m budget, featuring an overall increase of €848m (5.6%) on final 2018 funding, has been welcomed today by the HSE.  A total of €198m of development funding has been provided by the Department of Health (€178m for new 2019 developments).  Offsetting the 1st charge estimated as €114m, and setting aside €2.5m dormant accounts funding, this leaves a budget of €15,755m for all other 2019 costs.

The total cost, in 2019, of the existing level of service activity in place by the end of 2018, is estimated at €15,805m. This cost of €15,805m is €50m above the available €15,755m. It includes providing for centrally agreed pay rate, incremental credit and pension decisions (c.€375m), full year cost of approved 2018 developments (c.€102m) and the full year cost, in 2019, of additional service activity commenced in 2018 (c.€116m).  It excludes the cost of additional service activity from 1st January 2019 to deal with demographic, technology, unmet need and other pressures on the system.

The HSE’s key service priorities for next year are to maintain activity levels at 2018 planned/outturn, focus on cost reductions and improved efficiency, minimise risk and promote patient safety, and reprioritise activities as necessary. Of paramount importance is ensuring that the most pressing patient and client needs are met within the resources available.

A number of new developments will be made in 2019 whilst maintaining services at the planned level.  They include;

  • New children’s hospital - €6.7m
  • Mental health services - €55m
  • Disability services - €14.5m
  • CervicalCheck and HPV vaccination - €9m
  • Termination of pregnancy - €12m
  • Primary Care Scheme changes - €70.3m
  • Care redesign and new entrant pay - €29m.



Suggested citation:

Health Service Executive (HSE). (2018) National Service Plan 2019 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 18th November 2019].


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