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National Cancer Registry Ireland


National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI)

Subject Keywords: Cancer Registry
Topic: Chronic Conditions
Rare Disease
Rare Diseases
Chronic Conditions
Catalogue: Data
Primary Data Sources
Type: Database
Region: Republic of Ireland

The Irish National Cancer Registry was set up in 1991 and began collecting comprehensive cancer information for the whole population of the Republic of Ireland in 1994.

CRI collects cancer data for the registry either:

  1. actively: by employing workers to go to hospitals and other health care centres regularly to look through records for new cases of cancer
  2. passively: by waiting to be notified of new cancer cases by doctors, nurses, laboratories and so on, and by processing death certificates.
    1. There are three ways of accessing data from the registry:Online statistics
      1. Cancer rates and numbers
      2. Survival statistics
  3. Data set download containing anonymised cancer data
  4. Personal data requests to NCRI



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Suggested citation:

National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI) . (2012) National Cancer Registry Ireland [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 23rd February 2019].


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