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Modulation of Blood Pressure by Central Melanocortinergic Pathways


Geenfield, J. R. et al

Subject Keywords: Research article on genetic and pharmacologic studies
Topic: Obesity
Cardiovascular Health (Draft)
Type: Website
Region: International (other)

Weight gain and weight loss are associated with changes in blood pressure through unknown mechanisms. Central melanocortinergic signaling is implicated in the control of energy balance and blood pressure in rodents, but there is no information regarding such an association with blood pressure in humans. The authors assessed blood pressure, heart rate, and urinary catecholamines in overweight or obese subjects with a loss-of-function mutation in MC4R, the gene encoding the melanocortin 4 receptor, and in equally overweight control subjects. They also examined the effects of an MC4R agonist administered for 7 days in 28 overweight or obese volunteers.



Rights: © Massachumetts Medical Society
Suggested citation:

Geenfield, J. R. et al. (2009) Modulation of Blood Pressure by Central Melanocortinergic Pathways [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 26th June 2019].


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