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Men's Attitudes and Values Research


Brady N. et al. The Male Link

Subject Keywords: Men's Health, Attitudes, Values
Catalogue: Research and Evaluation
Type: Report
Region: Northern Ireland

Organised by The Male Link in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties during 2000, this study questioned 632 males, aged 15 years and over, about a range of issues affecting men.

The Male Link (TML) is a cross-community, cross-Border, voluntary network of men and women, individuals and organisations, who share a common belief that it is important to increase awareness of the issues facing males in the north of Ireland and who wish to initiate practical action to meet this need.

From the outset, TML’s Steering Group recognised that although men's work/issues in the north of Ireland is still under-developed, there is a growing interest in this field. Whilst this is positive, it also brings certain dangers. Perhaps the most obvious of these is that future programmes may be developed by well-intentioned people based upon hearsay and stereotypes rather than upon knowledge and understanding. In reality, we know very little about what males think about a range of issues. There has never been a large-scale survey of men's attitudes and values conducted within the north of Ireland - except by commercial companies eager to increase their sales.

It was hoped that conducting this research would serve four main purposes:

1) Provide baseline feedback on men's views about themselves and the world they live in.

2) Highlight key issues and inform the focus, direction and implementation of future practical programmes for men across the north of Ireland.

3) Provide a lever to exert pressure for increased resources in this area.

4) Raise the public profile of men’s work/issues.



Rights: © The authors
Suggested citation:

Brady N. et al. The Male Link. (2000) Men's Attitudes and Values Research [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 17th October 2017].


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