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Improving Health and Reducing Inequalities: A Practical Guide to Health Impact Assessment


Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit

Subject Keywords: Health Impact Assessment
Topic: Health Inequalities
Chronic Conditions
Health Inequalities
Catalogue: Guidance
Other Guidance
Type: Guideline
Region: United Kingdom

(WHIASU) A basic guide to conducting a HIA.
1. Health impact assessment is a tool that can help organisations to assess the possible consequences of their decisions on people’s health and well-being, thereby helping to develop more integrated policies and programmes.
2. This document has been developed as a practical guide to health impact assessment. It is designed to meet the needs of a variety of organisations by explaining the concept, the process and its flexibility, and by providing templates that can be adjusted to suit.
3. The Welsh Assembly Government is committed to developing the use of health impact assessment in Wales as a part of its strategy to improve health and wellbeing and to reduce health inequalities. This practical guide has been prepared by the Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit, which was established by the Welsh Assembly Government to encourage and support organisations and groups in Wales to use the approach.
4. The development and use of health impact assessment will contribute to the ongoing development and implementation of local health, social care and wellbeing strategies, which is a joint statutory responsibility for Local Health Boards and local authorities. It can also contribute to Community Strategies which, given their overarching nature and breadth and depth, can address social, economic and environmental determinants of health, and to the implementation of Communities First, the Welsh Assembly Government’s crosscutting regeneration programme.
5. The development of Health Challenge Wales as the national focus for improving health in Wales reinforces efforts to prevent ill health. Tools such as health impact assessment can help organisations and groups in all sectors to identify ways in which they can help people to improve their health.





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Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit. (2006) Improving Health and Reducing Inequalities: A Practical Guide to Health Impact Assessment [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 26th June 2019].


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