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A healthy nutrition lifestyle: Nutrition and food security


World Health Organisation

Subject Keywords: Food, Nutrition, Diet, Child health, Healthy eating
Topic: Obesity
Chronic Conditions
Type: Project
Region: International (other)

The Nutrition and Food Security Programme (NFS) encourages the development of food and nutrition action plans, including the development of food-based dietary guidelines and infant/young child feeding strategies, as an integral part of national health policies. NFS supports the development of nutrition information systems which highlight the relationship between food, nutrition and health, such as micronutrient deficiencies (iodine and iron deficiency)and non-communicable diseases Publications, documents and workshops facilitate the development of nutrition intervention strategies to improve health and reduce infant mortality through healthy food and nutrition.



Rights: © WHO
Suggested citation:

World Health Organisation. (2002) A healthy nutrition lifestyle: Nutrition and food security [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 26th June 2019].


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