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Comparison between boarding-out and pauper schools


Smedley, Menella;

Institution: Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland
Subject Keywords: 314.15; Education; Poverty; Boarding-out; Pauper schools;

After I had considered in an address to the Statistical Society the question of the proper mode of dealing with the children whom destitution has brought into the care of the state, this paper was sent to me by the late Miss Menella Smedley. She had occupied herself much with the question, how girls in particular should be dealt with, and had assisted Mrs. Senior in her official inquiry as to the working of the District Pauper Schools. I think it would have been Miss Smedley's wish that her paper should be brought before
those who are interested in the subject of it, and I have therefore thought it right to place it in the hands of the Council of the Statistical Society.



Suggested citation:

Smedley, Menella; . () Comparison between boarding-out and pauper schools [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 21st November 2019].


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