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Artifact-based software process improvement and management: a method proposal


Kuhrmann, Marco; Beecham, Sarah;

Institution: Association for Computing Machinery
Subject Keywords: software process improvement; software process management; SPI; SPM; artifact-orientation; method proposal;

When it comes to software process improvement (SPI), process
engineers look for SPI methods to support process analysis,
design, realization, deployment, and management. Although
a number of di erent SPI methods and models exist,
process engineers tend to view these as too generic, too
large, or a poor t for the organization in which SPI is conducted.
A strategy to overcome these shortcomings is to
concentrate on the artifacts, which precisely de ne the desired
outcomes, rather than on speci c methods. In this
paper, we present the Artifact-based Software Process Improvement
& Management (ArSPI) model that provides a
uni ed perspective on SPI and company-wide software process
management (SPM), the required key artifacts, and the
life cycle models. ArSPI is shown to be of practical support
to industry who called for a practical way to de ne
the interfaces between SPI projects. This paper concludes
with an example of how ArSPI paved the way for several
organizations through applying the model in real-world SPI projects.

Suggested citation:

Kuhrmann, Marco; Beecham, Sarah; . () Artifact-based software process improvement and management: a method proposal [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 20th November 2019].


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