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IPH Open Access Research Alerts

Two steps are required to set up a customised RSS feed or email alert system:

STEP 1: Select the open access (OA) research journal articles you wish to include in your customised feed. To do this you can either use keywords, journal titles or both. When you've done this, click the "Apply" button. You can preview the latest articles that would be included in the feed and refine your selections if you wish. Once you're happy with the selections, move to Step 2.

STEP 2: Subscribe to your custom feed using either the RSS icon or the email alert signup form provided. Click here for a good introduction to using RSS feeds.

  • Structure and Control of Healthy Worker Effects in Studies of Pregnancy Outcomes
  • Stress Disorders and Dementia in the Danish Population
  • Causal Mediation Analysis With Observational Data: Considerations and Illustration Examining Mechanisms Linking Neighborhood Poverty to Adolescent Substance Use
  • Mortality and Cancer Incidence in Carriers of Balanced Robertsonian Translocations: A National Cohort Study
  • Evaluation of the Performance of Algorithms That Use Serial Hepatitis C RNA Tests to Predict Treatment Initiation and Sustained Virological Response Among Patients Infected With Hepatitis C Virus
  • Gestational Age at Arrest of Development: An Alternative Approach for Assigning Time at Risk in Studies of Time-Varying Exposures and Miscarriage
  • Multinomial Extension of Propensity Score Trimming Methods: A Simulation Study
  • Guideline-Based Physical Activity and Survival Among US Men With Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer
  • Shift Work and Respiratory Infections in Health-Care Workers
  • An Investigation of Selection Bias in Estimating Racial Disparity in Stroke Risk FactorsThe REGARDS Study