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A Study of Older Irish People's Experiences of Health & Social Care Services in Leeds.


Leeds Irish Health and Homes

Type: Report
Region: Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

Download: A Study of Older Irish People’s Experiences of Health & Social Care Services in Leeds…This qualitative research project profiled the experience of older Irish people with Leeds health and social care services over a six-month period. It was funded through a grant from the Healthy Leeds Special Grants programme. Leeds Irish Health and Homes (LIHH) carried out the research in partnership with NHS Leeds, Adult Social Care, Leeds City Council and Leeds Metropolitan University. The aim was to understand the needs of the aging Irish in Leeds and their experience of accessing health and social care services.The objectives were:1/ To explore their expectations and the extent to whichtheir needs were being met.2/ To identify any cultural barriers to care, gaps in serviceprovision and make recommendations for future practice.A total of thirty five people; ten men and twenty five women over theage of sixty-five participated in unstructured interviews led by two Irish people with experience in the fields of health and social care. The data demonstrate that there is general lack of understanding of the needs of the Irish community and that the failure to understand cultural issues in particular contributes to poor quality care. Poor follow-up care after hospital discharge and strong reliance upon family were identified as issues to be addressed. Respite for carer’s particularly for those caring for someone with dementia was identified as an important issue. People from lower socio-economic groups or living in more deprived areas perceived their care was poorer than that of others living in more affluent areas. Many older people in the Irish community are more likely to be living in these deprived areas on low incomes. 



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Leeds Irish Health and Homes. (2009) A Study of Older Irish People's Experiences of Health & Social Care Services in Leeds. [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 20th October 2019].


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