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3Ts (Turn the Tide of Suicide) is a registered charity in Ireland (no. CHY15710), founded in 2003 to raise awareness of the issue of suicide and to raise funds to help prevent future deaths by Suicide through dedicated research, intervention & support. 3Ts receives no Government funding but relies on its own fundraising activities and those of its supporters, both private & corporate.

Co-founded by eminent psychiatrist & suicide expert, Prof Kevin Malone MD, MRCPI, MRCPsych., and Irish businessman & solicitor, Noel Smyth, 3Ts is driven by a core committee drawing together expertise in the fields of mental health, health administration, business & law, marketing & fundraising.

Since its foundation, 3Ts has been at the forefront of breaking taboos around suicide and in constantly driving debate on the issue of suicide, offering innovative solutions and highlighting issues as they arise in what is an ever-changing space. 3Ts has been an innovator in supporting other charities and organisations, in commissioning ground-breaking research which draws together the arts, sciences & humanities, but also in lobbying for Government to take action on suicide. Where 3Ts has gone, others have followed. The charity was the first to recommend a Suicide Prevention Authority, the first to draw attention to the legal requirement for “Mental Health & Safety” regulation in the workplace; the first to question financial institutions on their treatment of those in severe debt and constantly questions Government’s failings in implementation of suicide prevention poilcies.

When 3Ts was founded in 2003, Suicide was taboo, not openly discussed. Services were hugely under-resourced and under-funded, operating in a knowledge vacuum. 3Ts identified a need to get the issue of Suicide out into the open, to raise awareness and to help destigmatise suicide and mental illness, urging Government to recognise the scale of the problem and put in place adequate resources to address it both at policy level and through statutory service provision. Sound familiar? Today, some progress has been made, particularly around stigma, but the lack of resources and lack of knowledge remain an issue.


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