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Out of the shadows report


Alzheimer's Society

Type: Report
Region: Northern Ireland

People with dementia have spoken out about the impact stigma and diagnosis has on their lives in a new Alzheimer's Society report called Dementia: Out of the Shadows. People with dementia reported losing friends after a diagnosis of dementia, neighbours crossing the street as they approached and professionals dismissing symptoms as just old age. New Alzheimer's Society research also reveals that half of all UK adults believe dementia is a condition plagued by stigma. 700,000 people with dementia across the UK live with this stigma, which affects their friends, families and the professionals they rely on for help.Alzheimer's Society will lead the fight against stigma and we want to see it reduced by half in 5 years. We are calling for Government, charities, services and employers to work together and for national awareness campaigns that will bring dementia out of the shadows.Click here to read the Literature review: Out of the Shadows 



Rights: Public
Suggested citation:

Alzheimer's Society. (2008) Out of the shadows report [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 13th November 2019].


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