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Lite4Life (Tier 2 adult weight management service)

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Stockton Borough Council

Subject Keywords: Weight management
Set: Obesity
Catalogue: Interventions
Type: Project
Region: United Kingdom

This service Aims:

To provide a multi-component weight management service that supports sustainable behaviour change and weight loss in adults 16 years and over with a BMI 28.

To enable patients to develop the necessary personal attributes for their own long term weight management and to understand the impact of their weight on their health and co-morbidities.


To provide an evidence based, multi-component tier 2 weight management service that improves patients knowledge and skills for effective and sustainable weight loss helps patients identify their own facilitators for positive behaviour change and to address underlying barriers to long-term behaviour changeincreases patients self-efficacy and confidence in their ability to address their weight

To be an integral part of the tiered approach to weight management services for the population of Stockton.

To ensure equitable service provision across Stockton-on-Tees.

To provide intensive group based service, one-to-one support and maintenance support.

To support the service user to develop and review a personalised goal setting plan phase 2 and at discharge after phase 2.

To ensure a smooth transition from the service (tier2) to tier 1 services to ensure continuity of care for service users.Recruit referrals using a variety of and appropriate methods.

To establish a single point of contact for referrals into the service.Continually promote the service across a range of mediums and liaise and work in partnership with key interdependencies (refer to 2.4)

To establish a robust database and data collection system in line with information governance.

To ensure the access criteria, care pathway and referral process is clearly understood by all health care professionals and those who may refer into the service.

To establish close links with, and signpost and/or enable service users to access suitable services where patient needs indicate this. This may include access to Tees Time to Talk (IAPT) for psychological therapies; Specialist Weight Management Service; physical activity programmes; Tier 1 services; and primary care.

To provide the necessary venues, equipment and assets needed to deliver the programme, ensuring due regard is given to the quality and safety of all materials used.

To collect and provide data in quarterly reports to the Commissioner to allow for continued monitoring and evaluation of the service in line with the Standard Evaluation Framework (available at and as specified by the Commissioner.



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Suggested citation:

Stockton Borough Council. (2011) Lite4Life (Tier 2 adult weight management service) [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 26th February 2017].


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