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Getting Services Right for Children with Kidney Problems


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Region: United Kingdom

Plans to ensure that children with kidney problems get the best possible treatment were set out today by Health Minister Rosie Winterton. "The National Service Framework for Renal Services - Working for Children and Young People" outlines standards of care that children should expect from their treatment.

The user-friendly document details how the recommendations of the NSF for Renal Services can be delivered in paediatric services, and draws together information that was previously found in two different NSFs, allowing it to be easily followed by all involved, including the child's parents or guardians.

For example, it makes clear to everyone how a child's dialysis treatment should be delivered, or how families can help children through living organ donation and preventative transplants.

Rosie Winterton said:

"Kidney disease is luckily rare among children and young people.
While better medical knowledge and resources are improving care for children with kidney disease, the social and educational challenges for young kidney patients remain. This document, which spells out the Renal NSF specifically for the care of younger people, will help us ensure children with kidney disease are getting the right service and their family can make informed decisions about their care."

The document is aimed at those commissioning, providing and using services for children and young people with kidney disease. It spells out in greater detail the quality improvements in children's services that will be achieved by implementing the standard and quality requirements.

Dr Donal O'Donoghue, Co-Chair of the Renal Advisory Group, said:

"This document is a result of exemplary collaboration between the Department and the renal community, where everyone looked at how to put patients first."

Dr. Sheila Shribman, National Clinical Director for Children added:

"The Renal NSF rightly placed the emphasis on patient choice and "The National Service Framework for Renal Services - Working for Children and Young People" takes this on by looking specifically at what children and young people can expect".

Dr David Colin-Thome, the National Director for Primary Care, said:

"Often a profusion of government guidance can make it difficult for clinicians and patients alike to find the information they need.
This document makes sure that problem won't arise for young kidney patients and their families."

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