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Format: 2014-07-29
Format: 2014-07-29

Peer Review in Austria: The political adequacy of quantitative impact assessment in the social field by means of micro-simulation models

04 Dec 2014
Since July 2013, the SORESI micro-simulation model has been helping Austria’s policy-makers assess the likely impact of proposed policy reforms on the country’s most vulnerable social groups. This...

Peer Review in Slovenia: Long-term care – the problem of sustainable financing

18 Nov 2014
Like most of Europe, Slovenia faces rapid population ageing. This places huge strain on long-term care (LTC) in particular, and the country has no unified system for providing it. To address this...

Peer Review in Poland: The Active Ageing Index and its extension to the regional level

14 Oct 2014
The Active Ageing Index (AAI) focuses on the untapped potential of older people, measuring their independence and participation in paid employment and social activities. In 2013, in a unique move,...

Communicable Disease Update; Vol. 13 (3), August 2014

01 Aug 2014
Title: Communicable Disease Update; Vol. 13 (3), August 2014 Authors: Health Service Executive (HSE) South (South East), Department of Public Health

Even a little running cuts death risk

29 Jul 2014
Running for even a few minutes per day may reduce a person's risk of death, a new study has found. It is already well established that exercise reduces the risk of death by helping to prevent...

400 complaints against doctors last year

29 Jul 2014
A total of 400 complaints about doctors were made to the Medical Council last year, according to its latest annual report. This compares to 423 complaints made to the Council in 2012. Council...

Kids eat less if told food is good for them

29 Jul 2014
Telling a child why a healthy food is good for them may backfire and lead to them eating less of it, a new study suggests. "We predicted that when food is presented to children as making them strong...

Does residential care need to be rebranded under a new name?

29 Jul 2014
To combat negative perceptions of care homes, a new vision and name is needed Special measures for care homes must be properly funded The last few weeks have seemed like open season for attacks on...

300 Liverpool families use eRedbook

29 Jul 2014
Nearly 300 families are using Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust's electronic version of the Redbook children's health record.

CDC: Very low risk for Ebola spread in United States

28 Jul 2014
Ebola virus poses very little risk to the general United States population, and the likelihood of the outbreak in West Africa spreading outside of that region is very low, according to the CDC.Two...

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