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Training site inspections commenced by Council

07 Jun 2017

The Medical Council began last month its first inspection visits of postgraduate medical training clinical sites, designed to ensure both patient safety and good quality care assessment, in one of the seven hospital groups.

To coincide with the Council’s consistent aim of maintaining high professional standards, and as a direct result of its own previous ‘Your Training Counts’ (YTC) surveys of trainee doctors’ perceptions of the clinical learning environment, the first set of regional accreditation visits took place on May 4 and 5, the Council’s CEO said.

According to Bill Prasifka, two teams inspected four clinical training sites within the Saolta Hospital Group; University Hospital Galway, Letterkenny University Hospital, Portiuncula University Hospital and Sligo University Hospital.

Both teams, he confirmed, were currently “working hard” on compiling the report.

The CEO said these accreditation site visits were not only opportunities to ensure training environments and working conditions were of the highest order, but also a chance to meet with the profession “in their working world” to ensure safe and good quality care was delivered to members of the public.

Kingram House’s expectations in key areas in the training of doctors, including the promotion of professionalism, personal supports, educational governance, supervisory arrangements and learning resources, had been sent to all 13 postgraduate training bodies (PGTBs).

The training sites were to appoint an individual accountable for the implementation of the new Council requirements for the quality assurance of specialist training programmes for NCHDs, and to ensure that their training centre met any obligations agreed locally with postgraduate training bodies, under the criteria for inspecting training sites published two years ago.

They were to provide a safe physical working environment for NCHDs with the medical regulatory body set to conduct ongoing monitoring and inspections.

The sites were also further expected to ensure working hours were rostered with reference to the provisions of the European Working Time Directive and other applicable employment legislation.

In a related development, Prasifka last week said in recognition of how valuable feedback was from medical trainees, the Council held a Student and Trainee Consultative Panel meeting a few weeks ago at its Kingram House headquarters.

The Council has also now signed Service Level Agreements with the PGTBs with regards to the regulator’s Professional Competence Schemes, and the consultation process will commence to progress elements of the PCS framework and operation, the CEO said.

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