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St Vincent’s letter ‘lacks clarity’

11 Apr 2014

Tony O’Brien, HSE

The HSE received a holding response from St Vincent’s Healthcare Group (SVHG) following a March 27 letter from the Director General of the Executive, Tony O’Brien, to SVHG Chairman, Prof Noel Whelan.

The holding response received from SVHG “does not contain the necessary reassurances and absolute clarity required in relation to this matter,” the HSE said.

The Executive added it “is now considering the next steps required in the absence of such reassurances and clarity from SVHG.”

In his letter, O’Brien sought, “absolute clarity that SVHG was putting in place an immediate process for ensuring that each consultant employed in a public hospital and currently engaged in private practice in St Vincent’s Private Hospital moves rapidly to compliance with the requirements of the Consultants Contract 2008.”

SVHG has said it may be facing a possible legal case from type B consultants if it does not “honour the conditions of their contract which entitles them legitimately and legally to practise in St Vincent’s Private Hospital,” Group CEO Nicky Jermyn said in a letter to O’Brien.

In a separate letter dated March 31, Jermyn said SVHG rejected the HSE’s interpretation of the consultant contract.

St Vincent’s approach is that it would expect a resolution of differences in legal opinion in the interpretation of the consultant contract to be resolved “through some form of judicial process”.

St Vincent’s said it was in ongoing discussions with the HSE and it “is not aware of any outstanding compliance issues in relation to Section 38 pay policy”.

11 April 2014

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