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Perfusion index cannot be currently recommended as an additional newborn screen for critical congenital heart disease: more data needed

10 Apr 2019

Routine pulse oximetry screening (POS) of newborn babies before discharge from hospital has been shown to identifying cases of critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) with consistent test accuracy1 and to reduce mortality from these conditions by one-third.2

There is increasing uptake of POS in high-income and middle-income countries1–4; in July 2018, after several years of state-by-state introduction, POS became mandatory across the USA2 which means that almost 4 million babies a year will undergo the test in that country alone.

POS reduces the ‘diagnostic gap’ for CCHD, that is, it identifies additional cases which are missed by other screening methods such as antenatal ultrasound and postnatal examination.1 The size of this gap varies depending on local circumstances, but the addition of POS consistently reduces it to less than 10%.4

However, as described in this recent Archimedes...

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Archives of Disease in Childhood