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NEDOC service adjustments due

10 Apr 2015

Dr Gerry Cummins

NEDOC Ltd has welcomed the decision of the HSE to provide funding support to the NEDOC service, which has ensured existing levels of service are maintained, averting planned reductions to the GP roster.

An interim agreement will remain in place until the HSE completes its GP out-of-hours review, which it has committed to commencing this month. The outcome of that review may identify revisions to the last-minute NEDOC deal, which would have an impact on the delivery of GP services in the co-op.

NEDOC had informed the HSE of proposals regarding service adjustments to the GP out-of-hours service with effect from April 1. Discussions on maintaining the service at its current levels had intensified in the past week, culminating in an agreement reached on March 30 to keep the status quo.

Dr Gerry Cummins, Chairman of NEDOC Ltd, welcomed the development. “We are very pleased that this arrangement has averted the planned adjustments to the service. It is good news for patients and for GPs and allows us to focus on providing high-quality urgent care to our patients outside of normal surgery hours.”

Arlene Fitzsimons, Operations Manager of NEDOC Ltd, added: “This arrangement to fund the proposed adjustments will allow us to continue providing the same level of service to patients pending the outcome of a HSE review into the GP out-of-hours services.

“There are inequities in the way in which GP out-of-hours services are available to patients nationally and this needs to be addressed. The HSE has committed to commencing a GP out-of-hours review from April of this year. While the terms of reference for that review are not yet drafted, the overall aim seems to be to identify and perhaps address those inequities.

“The outcome of that GP out-of-hours review may indicate revisions to the funding agreement we have now reached. If that is the case, NEDOC Ltd will have to address how any revision would impact on the delivery of our out of hours GP service,” Fitzsimons added.

Gary Culliton

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