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National meeting on contract

11 Sep 2015

The NAGP is proposing to hold a national consultative conference in the autumn, where GPs will be invited to put their ideas forward on what they would like to see in the new GMS GP contract.

The Association arrived at the decision at a meeting of its Council in Dublin last weekend.

NAGP CEO Chris Goodey told IMT: “A location and date, which will be in early November, will be announced shortly. We have a new GP contract imminent and obviously all GPs need their input heard.”

He said the NAGP, which had so far been excluded from the negotiation process, would present the contributions to the Minister for Health and the HSE.

Meanwhile, the Association is set for collision with the Government after the 23-member Council unanimously voted against the construction of the new children’s hospital on the St James’s Hospital campus.

Jonathan Irwin, CEO and Founder of the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation, addressed the NAGP on “why we’ve got to build it once and build it right, and not on the St James’ site”, which he said would be regretted in generations to come.

Goodey commented: “It’s very difficult to argue against his logic. We certainly don’t want to antagonise the Minister. That’s not the purpose and we are not the only organisation that Jonathan will be presenting to.

“Just because we don’t agree with the Government is not good rationale … Because you are trying to work with the Government on the future of general practice, it’s not healthy for democracy not to have an opinion on something that is so fundamentally flawed.”

In relation to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s warning to the NAGP against encouraging its members to engage in a collective boycott of the under-sixes contract, the Council expressed a general view that the NAGP had not broken any competition laws. Goodey said: “The Commission must have a similar view because if they hadn’t one would have assumed that they would have taken some level of action against us.”

Lloyd Mudiwa

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