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Ireland - Institute of Public Health (IPH) - Longstanding health conditions among three-year-old children in Ireland

30 Apr 2015

Institute of Public Health in Ireland – One in six three-year in Ireland have a serious longstanding health condition Prevalence higher among boys and children from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

The Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH) report, Longstanding Health Conditions among Three Year Old Children in the Republic of Ireland in 2011, shows that 15.8% of three-year-olds in Ireland – about 11,000 children – have at least one serious longstanding health condition.

In more detail:

  • 9.5% have diagnosed asthma or asthma symptoms
  • 4.0% have diagnosed eczema/skin allergy
  • 5.9% have ever had a sight problem that required correction
  • 3.9% have ever had a hearing problem that required correction
30 April 2015

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