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IMO demands GP presence on Board

13 Sep 2013

By Gary Culliton.

The IMO has expressed surprise that to date there is no representative from Irish general practice appointed to the Board of the new children’s hospital. This is most surprising, since there is a nominee of Faculty of Paediatrics requested, according to the Organisation’s GP Committee.

“It is equally surprising in the context  that the Minister [for Health] is himself a vocationally-trained general practitioner and has recently appointed GPs to other Hospital Boards,” IMO GP Committee Chair Dr Ray Walley said.

“It is imperative that any National Children’s Hospital has the input of general practice at an early stage to ensure a truly collaborative approach to the development of one of the most important national service developments in our lifetime.”

The GP Committee welcomed the appointments to the new children’s hospital Board. The Committee said it accepted that the appointments  are competency based and informed by the recommendations on governance in the HIQA report on Tallaght Hospital, the Higgins report on hospital groups and the views of the three hospitals which make up the Children’s Hospital Group.

The Children’s Hospital Group Board (CHGB) is the end-user and client for the building project, and will oversee the operational integration of the three hospitals in advance of the move to the new hospital, as well as the operational transfer to the new hospital in due course.

Nine more members were appointed to the Board last month (IMT 16.08.13) and join Dr Jim Browne was appointed as Chair of the Children’s Hospital Group Board in April this year. It is intended that further competency-based appointments to the CHGB will be made later.

A nominee of the Faculty of Paediatrics will also be appointed to the National Pae-diatric Hospital Development Board.

13 September 2013

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