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Glare recovery time in Chronic Alcoholics

19 Apr 2015

Back ground: Alcohol leads to structural and functional damages in the brain areas leading to decrease in reaction times and also prolongation of glare recovery time. There are very few longitudinal studies showing a relationship between chronic alcohol abuse and glare recovery time. Keeping this in mind this study was planned. Methodology :The study was conducted on 60 subjects, 30 were chronic alcoholics(group I) presenting to gastroenterology ward of a tertiary care teaching hospital. The other 30 subjects were group II who served as controls ( non – alcoholics ).After taking written informed consent Glare Recovery Time was recorded using Glare recovery tester (GT-991 Medicaid :Chandigarh).Three recordings were taken and the data was analysed .The mean and standard deviation were computed and comparison was done using unpaired t-test. Results :The mean of glare recovery time in group I(chronic alcoholics ) was 283.68 and of group II(controls) was 145.07.The standard deviation was238.18 and 71.51 respectively. The t-value was 3.05 and p- value = 0.003 was statistically significant showing a comparable difference in group 1 and II . Conclusions :This study showed that chronic alcoholics recorded increased glare recovery time.

KEYWORDS: Chronic alcoholics, Central processing, Nerve conduction , Glare recovery time.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences