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GC–MS Analysis of Bioactive Compounds Present in Marketed Herbal Formulation Pykure Capsule

15 Oct 2019

It is more acceptable to believe that natural remedies are safer than synthetic subjects that with fewer side effects. The global market demand was increasing due to fusion of herbs. Standardization parameters and evaluation of herbal formulation is essential in order to assess the quality of drug of therapeutic value. This study was carried out in order to determine the bioactive compounds present in the marketed herbal formulation pykure capsule by using the GC–MS instrument. The extract was prepared by using 20 capsules by removing the capsule shell with ethanol solvent by simple maceration method. Capsule extract was analyzed by using Agilent 6890 GC with 59739N MSD and GC -MS equipped with Elite–I fused with silica capillary column (Cpsil 8cb:30mm×25mm×0.25mm). The result of GC-MS analysis confirmed the presence of 74 compounds.

Keywords: Pykure capsule, Ethanolic extract, GC-MS analysis.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics