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European Public Health News

26 Jul 2019

In this European Public Health News, both Azzopardi-Muscat and Charpak highlight the issue of migration and public health. Azzopardi-Muscat concludes her column looking forward to the discussions at the upcoming European Public Health conference (20–23 November 2019 in Marseille, France) and hopes that these discussions will lead to a clear call for policy action in the area of migration and health. Charpak addresses the record number of abstracts that were submitted for this year’s European Public Health conference. More than 2000 abstracts were submitted and 150 scientific workshops were proposed. In the EUPHA office column I reflect on a successful European Public Health WEEK. With 145 events organized across 35 countries, the European Public Health WEEK exceeded our expectations.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in European Journal of Public Health