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The Development of Video Messages to Reduce Binge Drinking: Focus Group Results

12 Mar 2019

AbstractAimsThe current study examined college students’ perceptions of loss framed and gain framed messages aimed at reducing binge drinking.MethodsUsing focus groups (n = 3) consisting of undergraduates (n = 131), an iterative process was undertaken to ensure the acceptability and construct validity of loss framed and gain framed video messages. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected.ResultsResults across all focus groups demonstrated that each message condition possessed strong construct validity. Participants in focus Group 3 rated messages as moderately to highly acceptable and acceptability ratings across loss framed messages and gain framed messages were comparable.ConclusionsThese findings demonstrate the importance of focus group testing in the development of brief alcohol interventions among college students. Messages used in the currents study will be included in a video intervention aimed at reducing binge drinking among college students.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Alcohol and Alcoholism