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Daytime napping in preschool-aged children; is it to be encouraged?

15 Apr 2015

The importance of the topic of child sleep patterns for children, parents and health professionals is highlighted by the paper by Thorpe et al.1 This systematic review assesses the effects of napping on child development and health in preschool children. The limited amount of good-quality evidence makes it difficult to draw conclusions about any effects beyond the fact that, after the age of 2 years, the evidence suggests that napping may be associated with changes in night sleep, of later sleep onset and reduced sleep quality and quantity.

Attention to this topic is warranted given the growing evidence that insufficient and/or poor-quality sleep negatively impacts a range of child outcomes including physical health, mental health, cognitive function and behaviour as well as aspects of parental functioning including stress, mood and overall family functioning. It is possible that some relationships between child sleep patterns and both child and parent functioning...

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Archives of Disease in Childhood