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Consultant job analysis planned

20 Oct 2016

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The Public Appointments Service (PAS), which is responsible for recruitment in the civil and public service, including the hiring of specialists on behalf of the HSE, plans to conduct a comprehensive job analysis ahead of a major recruitment campaign to identify the necessary competencies for the role of medical consultant, Irish Medical Times has established.

One of the actions for implementation from a review carried out by the HSE in 2016, ‘Towards successful consultant recruitment, appointment and retention’, was the need to progress PAS plans to carry out a comprehensive job analysis to identify the necessary competencies for this role.

It is envisaged that the field work will take place on a number of days this autumn and the compilation of the competencies and recommendations for the recruitment process shortly after that.

As consultants were well networked internationally and often moved to and from other jurisdictions as part of their career development, a comprehensive international benchmarking exercise would be carried out as part of the analysis so as to identify good recruitment and selection practice for senior medical personnel in other jurisdictions.

This benchmarking would include, but not be solely confined to, the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and certain EU/ EEA member states.

It is intended the analysis will comprise field work including focus groups with consultants as well as critical incident interviews with a range of individual consultants, repertory grid interviews, some site visits and future focus interviews.

Key stakeholders in the work of specialists include universities, hospital managers, other allied health professionals, patient representative groups and the Department of Health, and it is envisaged there will be full engagement with them as part of the study.

It is envisaged there will be a comprehensive consultative process led by a Consultant Selection Steering Group, which will include representatives from the PAS, the HSE and other relevant stakeholder organisations, when the draft competencies have been developed.

The PAS is looking for an individual or organisation that will report into the Steering Group, with a strong track record to conduct the analysis.

William Bourke

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