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The Characterization and Analysis of Medicinal Plant Extracts Against Nosocomial Infection

15 Jul 2019

The plant extracts are effective for the various aspects in the field of biology. There has been an increasing interest world-wide on therapeutic values of natural products. The extracts of Trigonella and Phyllanthus are observed to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity. The clinical pathogens showed growth inhibition to the both extracts. The extracts showed inhibition of zone in Staphylococci and E coli. The combined effect was observed to have anti-fungal effect. The extracts were analysed for the anti-oxidant assays which showed fine amount of scavenging of the free radicals in total anti-oxidant capacity and DPPH assay. Thus, the concept will be useful for the treatment of some of the nosocomial infections.

Keywords: Trigonella, Phyllanthus, anti-microbial activity, anti-oxidant activity, nosocomial infection.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics