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26 consultants for EWTD

04 Jul 2014

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Additional recruitment associated with full EWTD compliance is estimated at 163 additional medical staff, including 26 consultants and 69 registrars, the HSE has said.

A number of new recruitment initiatives have been undertaken by the HSE, including the creation of 70 additional NCHD training posts, in conjunction with the postgraduate training bodies. A total of 90 additional year one training scheme posts have been created and 25 year two training scheme posts have been retained, as part of the International Medical Graduate Training Initiative.

Up to 50 Registrar Training Programme year two posts have also been made available and a second round of recruitment for 50 vacant Basic Specialist Training posts is in progress in Medicine, Obstetrics/ Gynaecology, Psychiatry, General Practice and Ophthalmology. In addition, the HSE has established a recruitment oversight group to monitor NCHD recruitment.

One of the most significant costs the HSE now faces is in the area of medical agency staffing. The €34.3 million spent on agency doctors in the first four months of 2014 was 144 per cent higher than the spend in the same period last year, and there is an “extremely significant” risk that the HSE will not break even this year, the Executive has warned.  Spending in the year to April was €3.970 billion against the available budget of €3.862 billion — leading to a reported deficit of €107.5 million in the first four months.

The acute hospital sector is reporting a deficit of €81.2 million at the end of April, which represents 75.5 per cent of the overall HSE deficit.

Increased costs of agency medical staff accounted for a further €20 million and this primarily reflected the diminishing capacity to recruit doctors and price increases for agency provision rather than any volume growth in medical staff inputs, the HSE said.

4 July 2014

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