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A central aim of The Health Well is to increase access and use of numerical data. The Health Well holds a large number of data tables, collated by IPH and its partners, that cover a wide range of health topics. The Health Well also includes specialised online data tools, listed under the purple "Interactive Tools" tab above, that allow you to open a data table and explore, one at a time, the indicators it contains.

The Data Visualiser is a more general online data tool that allows you to open a data table and explore all its indicators in a more comprehensive way using a wider variety of charts and maps. You can look at the relationships between indicators and see how those relationships are modified by other variables in the data table.

To open one of The Health Well's data tables with the Data Visualiser, browse the list  below and click on the hyperlink for the data table that interests you. 

Community Profile Themes

Community Profiles utilise a set of over 200 health-related indicators that have been compiled for every local authority area (county councils and city councils) in the Republic of Ireland and every local government district in Northern Ireland.

The indicators, covering a wide range of public health issues, are grouped into themes such as Obesity, Diabetes, Mental Health, Hypertension, and Living conditions.  

PHIS Data Tables (RoI)

PHIS is the a collection of tables of health-related data produced by the Department of Health (DoH) in the Republic of Ireland. PHIS is also distributed by CD (available from the DoH). When the DoH produces an updated version of PHIS, the tables on these pages will be updated.

The data tables have been collated by DoH from Ireland's national health information systems that are managed by Central Statistics Office, Economic and Social Research Institute, National Cancer Registry and the Health Research Board.

The 30 data tables in PHIS have been grouped into six themes: Cancer, Demography, Fertility, Hospital Discharges, Mortality, Psychiatric. Click on a table below to access it via the interactive Data Visualiser.

Click here to download a leaflet about PHIS.

HRB National Health Information Sources (RoI)

Data from a range of the Health Research Board's (HRB) national health information systems which are managed by the Health Information and Evidence Directorate in the HRB.

National Physical and Sensory Disability Database (NPSDD)

National Intellectual Disability Database (NIDD)

National Psychiatric Inpatient Reporting System (NPIRS)

Chronic conditions prevalence estimates and forecasts

IPH has produced estimates and forecasts of the prevalence of a number of chronic health conditions. The estimates and forecasts are available for 32 local health offices of the Health Service Executive in the Republic of Ireland and 26 local government districts in Northern Ireland for the years 2010, 2015 and 2020.

IPH has produced prevalence estimates for longstanding conditions among children in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in 2011. The estimates are broken down by important child, carer and household characteristics for the 11 new local government districts in Northern Ireland and the 29 administrative counties and five cities in the Republic of Ireland.

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