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Title Added Edit View
Family Green Gym 11 Nov 2011 edit view
Physical Activity Programme for Breast Cancer Survivors 11 Nov 2011 edit view
School feeding for improving the physical and psychosocial health of disadvantaged students 24 Oct 2011 edit view
Parent-training programmes for psychosocial health 24 Oct 2011 edit view
The Norwegian Public Health Act 18 Oct 2011 edit view
Workplace interventions for neck pain in workers 26 Sep 2011 edit view
Flexible working conditions and their effects on employee health and wellbeing 26 Sep 2011 edit view
Defining Fuel Poverty in Northern Ireland: A Preliminary Review 15 Sep 2011 edit view
Better Together: A Guide for People in the Health Service on how you can help to Build more Cohesive Communities 02 Aug 2011 edit view
Kirklees Warm Zone: The Project and its Impacts on Well-being 02 Aug 2011 edit view
Healthy Societies: Addressing 21st Century Health Challenges 28 Jul 2011 edit view
Child Poverty in Perspective: An Overview of Child Well-Being in Rich Countries 28 Jul 2011 edit view
Dublin Simon Community health audit. The complexities of homelessness. 21 Jul 2011 edit view
UP4IT 19 Jul 2011 edit view
Health at Work Programme 08 Jul 2011 edit view
Service Framework for Mental health and Wellbeing 06 Jul 2011 edit view
Compendium of OECD Well-being Indicators 27 Jun 2011 edit view
Health in the Green Economy 17 Jun 2011 edit view
Understanding Society: Early findings from the first wave of the UK's Household Longitudinal Study 04 May 2011 edit view
Reducing young people's drinking 28 Apr 2011 edit view
The children left behind: A league table of inequality in child well-being in the world's rich countries. 28 Apr 2011 edit view
Early years interventions conference 12 Apr 2011 edit view
Do mass participation sporting events have a role in making populations more active? 31 Mar 2011 edit view
Our Children and Young People - Our Pledge: A Ten Year Strategy for Children and Young People in Northern Ireland 2006-2016 11 Feb 2011 edit view
Play and Leisure Policy 11 Feb 2011 edit view