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Title Added Edit View
Acetylome analysis of lysine acetylation in the plant pathogenic bacterium Brenneria nigrifluens 02 Nov 2019 edit view
Co‐dynamics of Symbiodiniaceae and bacterial populations during the first year of symbiosis with Acropora tenuis juveniles 31 Oct 2019 edit view
Hydrogen sulfide‐mediated resistance against water avoidance stress‐induced gastritis by maintenance of gastric microbial homeostasis 22 Oct 2019 edit view
Method for the facile transformation of marine purple photosynthetic bacteria using chemically competent cells 22 Oct 2019 edit view
Antarctic thraustochytrids: Producers of long‐chain omega‐3 polyunsaturated fatty acids 21 Oct 2019 edit view
Chitin deacetylases Cod4 and Cod7 are involved in polar growth of Aspergillus fumigatus 11 Oct 2019 edit view
Screening of antagonistic strains of respiratory origin and analysis of their bacteriostatic effects on pathogens 06 Oct 2019 edit view
Evaluation of suitable reference genes for normalization of quantitative reverse transcription PCR analyses in Clavibacter michiganensis 02 Oct 2019 edit view
Mutational change of CTX‐M‐15 to CTX‐M‐127 resulting in mecillinam resistant Escherichia coli during pivmecillinam treatment of a patient 01 Oct 2019 edit view
Insights into the genome structure of four acetogenic bacteria with specific reference to the Wood–Ljungdahl pathway 01 Oct 2019 edit view
Evaluation of the occurrence of sporulating and nonsporulating pathogenic bacteria in manure and in digestate of five agricultural biogas plants 30 Sep 2019 edit view
Coordinated transient interaction of ZO‐1 and afadin is required for pedestal maturation induced by EspF from enteropathogenic Escherichia coli 30 Sep 2019 edit view
Low‐calcium diet in mice leads to reduced gut colonization by Enterococcus faecium 30 Sep 2019 edit view
Effects of applying inorganic fertilizer and organic manure for 35 years on the structure and diversity of ammonia‐oxidizing archaea communities in a Chinese Mollisols field 30 Sep 2019 edit view
An examination of data from the American Gut Project reveals that the dominance of the genus Bifidobacterium is associated with the diversity and robustness of the gut microbiota 30 Sep 2019 edit view
Assessing the impact of curcumin on dual‐species biofilms formed by Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans 27 Sep 2019 edit view
Anti‐TNF‐α therapy alters the gut microbiota in proteoglycan‐induced ankylosing spondylitis in mice 26 Sep 2019 edit view
Heat‐induced shift in coral microbiome reveals several members of the Rhodobacteraceae family as indicator species for thermal stress in Porites lutea 23 Sep 2019 edit view
Gene expression responses of tomato inoculated with Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum 19 Sep 2019 edit view
Effects of exogenous glucose on Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation and antibiotic resistance 18 Sep 2019 edit view
Longitudinal development of the gut microbiota in healthy and diarrheic piglets induced by age‐related dietary changes 09 Sep 2019 edit view
Identification and characterization of OmpT‐like proteases in uropathogenic Escherichia coli clinical isolates 08 Sep 2019 edit view
Comparative analysis of the composition and function of fecal‐gut bacteria in captive juvenile Crocodylus siamensis between healthy and anorexic individuals 04 Sep 2019 edit view
Comparison of specific endophytic bacterial communities in different developmental stages of Passiflora incarnata using culture‐dependent and culture‐independent analysis 27 Aug 2019 edit view
Novel peptides screened by phage display peptide library can mimic epitopes of the FnBPA‐A protein and induce protective immunity against Staphylococcus aureus in mice 26 Aug 2019 edit view