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International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

Title Added Edit View
The caloric and sugar content of beverages purchased at different store-types changed after the sugary drinks taxation in Mexico 12 Nov 2019 edit view
Implementation and scale-up of physical activity and behavioural nutrition interventions: an evaluation roadmap 07 Nov 2019 edit view
Do physical activity and screen time mediate the association between European fathers’ and their children’s weight status? Cross-sectional data from the Feel4Diabetes-study 04 Nov 2019 edit view
Evaluation of the impact of calorie labeling on McDonald’s restaurant menus: a natural experiment 04 Nov 2019 edit view
Adherence to a healthy lifestyle and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in Chinese adults: a 10-year prospective study of 0.5 million people 04 Nov 2019 edit view
Effectiveness of physical activity interventions for overweight and obesity during pregnancy: a systematic review of the content of behaviour change interventions 01 Nov 2019 edit view
Substituting prolonged sedentary time and cardiovascular risk in children and youth: a meta-analysis within the International Children’s Accelerometry database (ICAD) 31 Oct 2019 edit view
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the overall effects of school-based obesity prevention interventions and effect differences by intervention components 29 Oct 2019 edit view
Prevalence and correlates of adherence to movement guidelines among urban and rural children in Mozambique: a cross-sectional study 28 Oct 2019 edit view
A systematic review of the effect of infrastructural interventions to promote cycling: strengthening causal inference from observational data 26 Oct 2019 edit view
Changes in diet and physical activity resulting from the Strong Hearts, Healthy Communities randomized cardiovascular disease risk reduction multilevel intervention trial 25 Oct 2019 edit view
Evaluation of a voluntary nutritional information program versus calorie labelling on menus in Canadian restaurants: a quasi-experimental study design 25 Oct 2019 edit view
Effects of eating with an augmented fork with vibrotactile feedback on eating rate and body weight: a randomized controlled trial 22 Oct 2019 edit view
Better transport accessibility, better health: a health economic impact assessment study for Melbourne, Australia 22 Oct 2019 edit view
Understanding and use of food labeling systems among Whites and Latinos in the United States and among Mexicans: Results from the International Food Policy Study, 2017 17 Oct 2019 edit view
Neighborhood walkability and 12-year changes in cardio-metabolic risk: the mediating role of physical activity 15 Oct 2019 edit view
Is sitting invisible? Exploring how people mentally represent sitting 12 Oct 2019 edit view
Combining sensor tracking with a GPS-based mobility survey to better measure physical activity in trips: public transport generates walking 07 Oct 2019 edit view
Evaluation of the first U.S. staple foods ordinance: impact on nutritional quality of food store offerings, customer purchases and home food environments 18 Sep 2019 edit view
Effectiveness of a low-value financial-incentive program for increasing vegetable-rich restaurant meal selection and reducing socioeconomic inequality: a cluster crossover trial 12 Sep 2019 edit view
Home-prepared food, dietary quality and socio-demographic factors: a cross-sectional analysis of the UK National Diet and nutrition survey 2008–16 06 Sep 2019 edit view
Ecological momentary assessment of using food to soothe during infancy in the INSIGHT trial 05 Sep 2019 edit view
Efficacy of a compulsory homework programme for increasing physical activity and improving nutrition in children: a cluster randomised controlled trial 05 Sep 2019 edit view
Political and public acceptability of a sugar-sweetened beverages tax: a mixed-method systematic review and meta-analysis 04 Sep 2019 edit view
Picky eating in an obesity intervention for preschool-aged children – what role does it play, and does the measurement instrument matter? 03 Sep 2019 edit view