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Health Policy and Planning

Title Added Edit View
Decentralization in India’s health sector: insights from a capacity building intervention in Karnataka 26 Aug 2019 edit view
Determinants of health insurance enrolment in Ghana: evidence from three national household surveys 21 Aug 2019 edit view
How to do (or not to do) … using the standardized patient method to measure clinical quality of care in LMIC health facilities 19 Aug 2019 edit view
Patient-experience during delivery in public health facilities in Uttar Pradesh, India 16 Aug 2019 edit view
Are health workers reduced to being drug dispensers of antiretroviral treatment? A randomized cross-sectional assessment of the quality of health care for HIV patients in northern Uganda 13 Aug 2019 edit view
Do home pregnancy tests bring women to community health workers for antenatal care counselling? A randomized controlled trial in Madagascar 13 Aug 2019 edit view
Health system reconstitution syndrome: an often misunderstood phenomenon in global health practice 09 Aug 2019 edit view
The impacts of decentralization on health system equity, efficiency and resilience: a realist synthesis of the evidence 05 Aug 2019 edit view
Investigating the nature of competition facing private healthcare facilities: the case of maternity care in Uttar Pradesh, India 13 Jul 2019 edit view
Institutional barriers and enablers to implementing and complying with internationally accepted quality standards in the local pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan: a qualitative study 13 Jul 2019 edit view
Counting the cost of not breastfeeding is now easier, but women’s unpaid health care work remains invisible 11 Jul 2019 edit view
The whole is more than the sum of the parts: establishing an enabling health system environment for reducing acute child malnutrition in a rural South African district 06 Jul 2019 edit view
Rethinking collaboration: developing a learning platform to address under-five mortality in Mpumalanga province, South Africa 26 Jun 2019 edit view
Investigating the process of evidence-informed health policymaking in Bangladesh: a systematic review 25 Jun 2019 edit view
The cost of not breastfeeding: global results from a new tool 24 Jun 2019 edit view
Mapping health workforce development strategies across key global health agencies: an assessment of objectives and key interventions 20 Jun 2019 edit view
Measuring Catastrophic Health Expenditures and its Inequality: Evidence from Iran’s Health Transformation Program 03 Jun 2019 edit view
10 years of China's comprehensive health reform: a systems perspective 01 Jun 2019 edit view
‘It makes you someone who changes with the times’: health worker and client perspectives on a smartphone-based counselling application deployed in rural Tanzania 01 Jun 2019 edit view
Does volunteer community health work empower women? Evidence from Ethiopia’s Women’s Development Army 29 May 2019 edit view
At what cost is performance-based financing implemented? Novel evidence from Malawi 18 May 2019 edit view
A cost-effectiveness analysis of maternal and neonatal health interventions in Ethiopia 18 May 2019 edit view
Value and effectiveness of National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups in low- and middle-income countries: a qualitative study of global and national perspectives 10 May 2019 edit view
The effectiveness of training in emergency obstetric care: a systematic literature review 05 May 2019 edit view
‘Gender is not even a side issue…it’s a non-issue’: career trajectories and experiences from the perspective of male and female healthcare managers in Kenya 25 Apr 2019 edit view