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Ecology and Evolution

Title Added Edit View
Diversification in evolutionary arenas—Assessment and synthesis 19 May 2020 edit view
Genetic structure among morphotypes of the endangered Brazilian palm Euterpe edulis Mart (Arecaceae) 19 May 2020 edit view
Are shed hair genomes the most effective noninvasive resource for estimating relationships in the wild? 18 May 2020 edit view
Insights on the concept of indicator populations derived from parentage‐based tagging in a large‐scale coho salmon application in British Columbia, Canada 18 May 2020 edit view
The Sonozotz project: Assembling an echolocation call library for bats in a megadiverse country 18 May 2020 edit view
Trait‐based climate vulnerability of native rodents in southwestern Mexico 18 May 2020 edit view
Interspecific variation and elevated CO2 influence the relationship between plant chemical resistance and regrowth tolerance 17 May 2020 edit view
Small coastal streams—Critical reservoirs of genetic diversity for trout (Salmo trutta L.) in the face of increasing anthropogenic stressors 17 May 2020 edit view
Adaptation potential of the copepod Eurytemora affinis to a future warmer Baltic Sea 15 May 2020 edit view
High dispersal capacity and biogeographic breaks shape the genetic diversity of a globally distributed reef‐dwelling calcifier 14 May 2020 edit view
Species specificity and sexual dimorphism in tooth shape among the three sympatric haplochromine species in Lake Kivu cichlids 14 May 2020 edit view
Evaluating cetacean body condition; a review of traditional approaches and new developments 13 May 2020 edit view
Draft genome of the famous ornamental plant Paeonia suffruticosa 12 May 2020 edit view
Do traits of plant species predict the efficacy of species distribution models for finding new occurrences? 12 May 2020 edit view
Manipulating the strength of organism–environment feedback increases nonlinearity and apparent hysteresis of ecosystem response to environmental change 11 May 2020 edit view
Genotypic and phenotypic analyses reveal distinct population structures and ecotypes for sugar beet‐associated Pseudomonas in Oxford and Auckland 11 May 2020 edit view
Enhanced seed defenses potentially relax selection by seed predators against serotiny in lodgepole pine 09 May 2020 edit view
Evidence for senescence in survival but not in reproduction in a short‐lived passerine 08 May 2020 edit view
Field courses narrow demographic achievement gaps in ecology and evolutionary biology 08 May 2020 edit view
Diversification and subspecies patterning of the goitered gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa) in Iran 08 May 2020 edit view
Summer aridity rather than management shapes fitness‐related functional traits of the threatened mountain plant Arnica montana 08 May 2020 edit view
The influence of bat ecology on viral diversity and reservoir status 08 May 2020 edit view
High interindividual variability in habitat selection and functional habitat relationships in European nightjars over a period of habitat change 07 May 2020 edit view
Divergent selection on flowering phenology but not on floral morphology between two closely related orchids 06 May 2020 edit view
Effects of sampling seasons and locations on fish environmental DNA metabarcoding in dam reservoirs 06 May 2020 edit view