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Alzheimer's Research & Therapy

Title Added Edit View
CSF biomarkers of neuroinflammation in distinct forms and subtypes of neurodegenerative dementia 31 Dec 2019 edit view
Targeting soluble tumor necrosis factor as a potential intervention to lower risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes 31 Dec 2019 edit view
APOE2 orchestrated differences in transcriptomic and lipidomic profiles of postmortem AD brain 30 Dec 2019 edit view
High occurrence of transportation and logistics occupations among vascular dementia patients: an observational study 27 Dec 2019 edit view
Focused ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening improves adult hippocampal neurogenesis and cognitive function in a cholinergic degeneration dementia rat model 27 Dec 2019 edit view
Pay attention to the basal ganglia: a volumetric study in early dementia with Lewy bodies 21 Dec 2019 edit view
CSF synaptic protein concentrations are raised in those with atypical Alzheimer’s disease but not frontotemporal dementia 17 Dec 2019 edit view
Testing a MultiTEP-based combination vaccine to reduce Aβ and tau pathology in Tau22/5xFAD bigenic mice 17 Dec 2019 edit view
Rescue of cognitive deficits in APP/PS1 mice by accelerating the aggregation of β-amyloid peptide 17 Dec 2019 edit view
Retinal thinning of inner sub-layers is associated with cortical atrophy in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease: a longitudinal multimodal in vivo study 13 Nov 2019 edit view
Association between increased levels of amyloid-β oligomers in plasma and episodic memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease 25 Oct 2019 edit view
Age-dependent emergence of neurophysiological and behavioral abnormalities in progranulin-deficient mice 22 Oct 2019 edit view
Midlife physical activity is associated with lower incidence of vascular dementia but not Alzheimer’s disease 20 Oct 2019 edit view
Amyloid β-protein oligomers promote the uptake of tau fibril seeds potentiating intracellular tau aggregation 18 Oct 2019 edit view
Participant and study partner prediction and identification of cognitive impairment in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease: study partner vs. participant accuracy 18 Oct 2019 edit view
Testing the 2018 NIA-AA research framework in a retrospective large cohort of patients with cognitive impairment: from biological biomarkers to clinical syndromes 15 Oct 2019 edit view
Amyloid-β peptides in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with dementia with Lewy bodies 10 Oct 2019 edit view
CSF evidence of pericyte damage in Alzheimer’s disease is associated with markers of blood-brain barrier dysfunction and disease pathology 14 Sep 2019 edit view
Endo-lysosomal proteins and ubiquitin CSF concentrations in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease 14 Sep 2019 edit view
Visual hallucinations in Alzheimer's disease do not seem to be associated with chronic hypoperfusion of to visual processing areas V2 and V3 but may be associated with reduced cholinergic input to these areas 12 Sep 2019 edit view
Sleep experiences during different lifetime periods and in vivo Alzheimer pathologies 12 Sep 2019 edit view
Discordant amyloid-β PET and CSF biomarkers and its clinical consequences 12 Sep 2019 edit view
ABIDE Delphi study: topics to discuss in diagnostic consultations in memory clinics 31 Aug 2019 edit view
The “rights” of precision drug development for Alzheimer’s disease 31 Aug 2019 edit view
Enhancement of tripartite synapses as a potential therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer’s disease: a preclinical study in rTg4510 mice 23 Aug 2019 edit view