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Alzheimer's Research & Therapy

Title Added Edit View
Endo-lysosomal proteins and ubiquitin CSF concentrations in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease 14 Sep 2019 edit view
CSF evidence of pericyte damage in Alzheimer’s disease is associated with markers of blood-brain barrier dysfunction and disease pathology 14 Sep 2019 edit view
Visual hallucinations in Alzheimer's disease do not seem to be associated with chronic hypoperfusion of to visual processing areas V2 and V3 but may be associated with reduced cholinergic input to these areas 12 Sep 2019 edit view
Sleep experiences during different lifetime periods and in vivo Alzheimer pathologies 12 Sep 2019 edit view
Discordant amyloid-β PET and CSF biomarkers and its clinical consequences 12 Sep 2019 edit view
The “rights” of precision drug development for Alzheimer’s disease 31 Aug 2019 edit view
ABIDE Delphi study: topics to discuss in diagnostic consultations in memory clinics 31 Aug 2019 edit view
Enhancement of tripartite synapses as a potential therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer’s disease: a preclinical study in rTg4510 mice 23 Aug 2019 edit view
Use of mild cognitive impairment and prodromal AD/MCI due to AD in clinical care: a European survey 22 Aug 2019 edit view
Prediction of amyloid pathology in cognitively unimpaired individuals using voxel-wise analysis of longitudinal structural brain MRI 17 Aug 2019 edit view
Souvenaid in the management of mild cognitive impairment: an expert consensus opinion 17 Aug 2019 edit view
A single-nuclei RNA sequencing study of Mendelian and sporadic AD in the human brain 09 Aug 2019 edit view
Depression, subjective cognitive decline, and the risk of neurocognitive disorders 09 Aug 2019 edit view
Music and emotion in Alzheimer’s disease 07 Aug 2019 edit view
Further analyses of the safety of verubecestat in the phase 3 EPOCH trial of mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease 07 Aug 2019 edit view
Late-stage Anle138b treatment ameliorates tau pathology and metabolic decline in a mouse model of human Alzheimer’s disease tau 01 Aug 2019 edit view
Which features of subjective cognitive decline are related to amyloid pathology? Findings from the DELCODE study 31 Jul 2019 edit view
Tau and atrophy: domain-specific relationships with cognition 27 Jul 2019 edit view
Independent effects of white matter hyperintensities on cognitive, neuropsychiatric, and functional decline: a longitudinal investigation using the National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center Uniform Data Set 27 Jul 2019 edit view
Towards a unified protocol for handling of CSF before β-amyloid measurements 19 Jul 2019 edit view
Retinal thickness as potential biomarker in posterior cortical atrophy and typical Alzheimer’s disease 18 Jul 2019 edit view
Cross-sectional and longitudinal characterization of SCD patients recruited from the community versus from a memory clinic: subjective cognitive decline, psychoaffective factors, cognitive performances, and atrophy progression over time 08 Jul 2019 edit view
Associations between quantitative [18F]flortaucipir tau PET and atrophy across the Alzheimer’s disease spectrum 04 Jul 2019 edit view
An experimental model of Braak’s pretangle proposal for the origin of Alzheimer’s disease: the role of locus coeruleus in early symptom development 03 Jul 2019 edit view
Spermidine/spermine-N1-acetyltransferase ablation impacts tauopathy-induced polyamine stress response 29 Jun 2019 edit view