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Fuel poverty

Title Added Edit View
Structure and Control of Healthy Worker Effects in Studies of Pregnancy Outcomes 21 Dec 2019 edit view
Stress Disorders and Dementia in the Danish Population 20 Dec 2019 edit view
Causal Mediation Analysis With Observational Data: Considerations and Illustration Examining Mechanisms Linking Neighborhood Poverty to Adolescent Substance Use 18 Dec 2019 edit view
Mortality and Cancer Incidence in Carriers of Balanced Robertsonian Translocations: A National Cohort Study 07 Dec 2019 edit view
Evaluation of the Performance of Algorithms That Use Serial Hepatitis C RNA Tests to Predict Treatment Initiation and Sustained Virological Response Among Patients Infected With Hepatitis C Virus 07 Dec 2019 edit view
Gestational Age at Arrest of Development: An Alternative Approach for Assigning Time at Risk in Studies of Time-Varying Exposures and Miscarriage 06 Dec 2019 edit view
Multinomial Extension of Propensity Score Trimming Methods: A Simulation Study 05 Dec 2019 edit view
Guideline-Based Physical Activity and Survival Among US Men With Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer 29 Nov 2019 edit view
Shift Work and Respiratory Infections in Health-Care Workers 26 Nov 2019 edit view
An Investigation of Selection Bias in Estimating Racial Disparity in Stroke Risk FactorsThe REGARDS Study 19 Nov 2019 edit view
Associations Between Features of Placental Morphology and Birth Weight in Dichorionic Twins 19 Nov 2019 edit view
Vikings halted serious Irish population decline - study 22 Aug 2019 edit view
Merchants Quay appeals injection room permit refusal 21 Aug 2019 edit view
David Oliver: What’s the verdict on personal health budgets? 21 Aug 2019 edit view
Addicted to eating 21 Aug 2019 edit view
The fight to end the pension tax trap continues 21 Aug 2019 edit view
GP who worked shifts for out-of-hours service while on sick leave is struck off 21 Aug 2019 edit view
Vaping: CDC investigates severe lung injuries 20 Aug 2019 edit view
On estimands arising from misspecified semiparametric rate‐based analysis of recurrent episodic conditions 20 Aug 2019 edit view
Call on Govt for scheme to protect rental deposits 20 Aug 2019 edit view
Ebola kills boy in DR Congo as fear of outbreak grows 19 Aug 2019 edit view
Two children hospitalised after collision near Thurles 19 Aug 2019 edit view
Estimating the quality of optimal treatment regimes 19 Aug 2019 edit view
The nonparametric Behrens‐Fisher problem with dependent replicates 19 Aug 2019 edit view
Iceland commemorates glacier lost to climate change 18 Aug 2019 edit view